Best Practices

Avoid harsh on-camera flashes. Utilize natural lighting instead.

When possible, use soft natural lighting from a window or shaded outdoor area. Direct lighting from camera flashes or the mid-day sun can look too bright and create harsh shadows.

Avoid unnatural or overly staged settings.

Create an engaging, organic scenario. Expressions should be natural, yet right for the situation. Not every shot needs to be happy. Focused or proud are also good.

Avoid subjects wearing logos from other universities.

We want to promote our university, not our competitors'. Avoid those individuals or come prepared with shirts they can change into.

Avoid too much blue and gold and too many logos.

Unless you’re shooting a sporting event, an excessive amount of blue and gold or TAMUC logos can seem unnatural and forced in everyday settings.

Portray diversity in gender, race and nationality.

We have a diverse community of students, so we want our photos to reflect that. Plan ahead and be intentional in seeking out multiple representatives.

Avoid sunspots from trees.

Light can filter through leaves and create distracting and unflattering patches of light on your subject. Find a different location; or if there’s just a few, edit them out.

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